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Why Fashion Jewellery is More Cost-Effective Than Fine Jewellery


When you see someone wearing jewellery, you probably can’t even tell whether it is fashion jewellery or fine jewellery. Why is that? In a nutshell, fashion jewellery and fine jewellery look very much the same. Someone wearing a shiny gold necklace is going to look great regardless of whether the jewellery is fine or not.

Most people only want to wear jewellery for the fashion aspect of it anyway. Perhaps they work at a very important job and attend several company events where they must look their best. However, they don’t have the money to spend thousands of pounds on sparkling diamond jewellery for themselves in order to enhance their appearance. So, they turn to fashion jewellery as a more affordable alternative.

It is easy to find diamond and gold fashion jewellery which looks just as shiny and sparkly as diamond and gold fine jewellery. So, why not go with the more affordable option? You will still look great and be the centre of attention at your event. No one will even notice you’re wearing fashion jewellery because it is made to look the same as fine jewellery.

Therefore, it is highly cost-effective to purchase fashion jewellery in comparison to purchasing fine jewellery. Not only can you purchase an attractive jewellery piece for a lower price, but you can add several attractive jewellery pieces to your inventory without breaking the bank. With this much variety, you can shock your colleagues and associates with a new piece of jewellery each time you attend a live event with them.

This is something you could never do with fine jewellery. If you were going to stock your inventory with 10 or 20 fine diamond necklaces or rings, you’d be spending tens of thousands of pounds on them. Unless you’re as rich as the Queen of England or a rock star, you probably cannot afford to spend that much.

Okay, so why doesn’t everybody just purchase fashion jewellery then? Well, there are some wealthier people who like to invest in fine jewellery for the sake of their monetary value. If you consider how the value of diamonds, gold and silver increase every year, this allows the value of fine jewellery to increase every year too.  That would be the only real incentive for anyone to purchase it 

But if you’re like most people, you’re not some big time investor looking to store diamonds and gold in their vault. Instead, you’re an average working person who simply wants to purchase jewellery that enhances their appearance and makes them feel better about themselves. If that’s the case with you, then fashion jewellery is the way to go.

Fashion jewellery can last for a while if you care for it. There are several tutorials on the internet that teach people how to preserve the aesthetics of fashion jewellery and keep it shining for many years. People who wear their fashion jewellery regularly will need to care for it more, of course. If you keep it clean and dry, it’ll be with you for a long time.

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