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Bling King specialise in jewellery that looks identical to the real thing. Gone are the days that people can buy genuine heavy gold pieces for less than thousands of pounds. Bling King have reversed that problem by introducing FLAWLESS imitations. We stock heavy, look-real gold jewellery that keeps its shine above other sellers. Wether you’re looking for gold belcher chains, gold saddle rings, gold keeper rings, or even ladies heart lock bracelets, we have something for you. All our pieces are heavily plated and highly polished with gold over quality base metals, ensuring that the very best materials are used. Each piece is individually crafted to perfection. We spot check every single piece before we dispatch it to ensure it passes the highest quality standards. In the unlikely event there is ever an issue we pride ourselves in our dedication to resolving consumer complaints.

Shop now for gold chains, gold rings, watches and much much more. Also, don’t forget we specialise in business to business transactions. So if you own a business and would like to become a reseller of our innovative products please let us know.