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Gold belcher chains: The ultimate hip-hop accessory


Gold chains have been synonymous with hip hop style since the 1980s when Kurtis Blow rocked his collection of chains as he posed for the cover of his self-titled album.  Incidentally, Kurtis Blow was the first rapper to release a certified gold hip hop single. He didn’t just set the bar for hip hop music, he became a pioneer for hip hop style.


Gold chains and hip hop

Hip hop evolved dramatically in the 1980s as conscious stars rose to fame. Artists like Rakim and groups like Public Enemy rapped about social issues and used the genre to educate music fans while Slick Rick and LL Cool J opted for catchy choruses and entertaining storytelling styles. Every artist brought something new to the scene but gold chains became an integral part of hip hop fashion. Gold has long been a symbol of status and Blow’s glittering album cover inspired other rappers to celebrate their successes using the precious metal. Adidas even famously presented hip hop trio, Run DMC, with gold trainers at the height of their career.


Versatile jewellery

Whether you wear a gold belcher chain with a tracksuit top, a shirt or several other gold chains it is a nod to hip hop style. It is an accessory you can make your own and still as hot now as it was 40 years ago. Thankfully with our range of affordable costume jewellery, you don’t need to have a gold-selling record to afford one.

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