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Should Men Wear Fashion Jewellery at Their Wedding?

Weddings can be fun for so many reasons. Not only are the bride and groom celebrating their love for each other with friends and family members, but they also get a chance to show off their fashion sense. The groom typically wears an expensive tuxedo that makes him look handsome, while the bride wears a gorgeous wedding dress that makes her glow amongst the crowd.

 As for jewellery, there is no limit to the number of jewellery pieces that the bride and attendees may wear. The bride and her bridesmaids may have on gorgeous diamond necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for starters. Then, of course, there is the picturesque wedding ring which the groom slides on the bride’s ring finger after he speaks his wedding vows to her. This ring is the highlight of the evening, which the bride shows off to all her friends and family. It is often the most expensive piece of jewellery at the wedding too.

The groom and all his best men are not traditionally expected to wear jewellery at a wedding. Aside from the ring which the bride puts on her soon-to-be husband’s finger, there is no other jewellery that men normally wear at weddings. However, that does not mean it is forbidden either. A lot of men like to spice their weddings up by wearing unconventional jewellery and attire. You can do the same too!

Now you’re probably thinking, “Weddings already cost enough money. Why should I purchase jewellery to wear too?” Well, no one said you need to purchase the greatly expensive fine jewellery. You can save the fine jewellery for the rings exchanged between the bride and groom. But for all the additional jewellery that you may wear as the groom or best man, why not shop for fashion jewellery instead and save money?

You may not realize this, but most women wear fashion jewellery to weddings. Men can certainly do the same thing, and no one will ever know the difference. Fashion jewellery is just as gorgeous and attractive as fine jewellery. That is why so many people purchase fashion jewellery pieces for the wedding they’re attending. There is no shortage of fashion jewellery pieces that men can wear either.

Some of the most popular men’s fashion jewellery for weddings include chains, bracelets, and watches. For example, you could spend a mere £37.95 and purchase an 18K gold plated men’s watch with a hip-hop bling style to it. The watch has a gold circle and diamond face comprised of dozens of smaller artificial diamonds. As soon as someone sees this watch, they will instantly fall in love with it. More importantly, it will make you look more handsome too.

Men actually have it easier when shopping for wedding jewellery. Since no one expects them to wear any jewellery at their wedding, they can get creative and surprise people with whatever looks best on them. Just let your imagination run wild by choosing jewellery that will make you remembered at the next wedding you attend.

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