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The Return of Men’s Jewellery: 7 Statement Items to add to Your Wardrobe

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll have probably noticed that 1990s fashion is back. Not only that, but men’s jewellery, once the preserve of shady taxi drivers and market traders, is now the height of urban cool.

So forget the notion that jewellery is a feminine thing, take the plunge and embrace the world of male fashion accessories.

Choose Your Look Wisely:

Let’s face it, you’re probably not a world famous rapper or an Italian mobster from the 1970s. So with that in mind, when it comes to selecting jewellery, it’s best to keep things simple: Pick a couple of statement pieces of jewellery (or just one) and pair it with a classic outfit such as a white T-shirt and jeans.

To help you get started, here’s a roundup of the most popular pieces of men’s jewellery currently being sported by today’s trendsetters and Instagram influencers:

Bracelets & Wrist Chains

Chunky bracelets and gold chains can form the foundations of a strong, masculine look. Pick a single item, wear it on the opposite wrist to your watch, and most importantly of all, avoid anything made of leather or beads. We’re going for urban chic here, not trust fund festival goer.

So what kind of bracelet or wrist chain should you pick? Cuban chains can give off a classy Miami inspired vibe when paired with a smart jacket or suit, whilst chunkier Belcher style chains are best for a tough, yet casual look.

Signet Rings

Signet rings used to be used for imprinting a family crest into the wax used to seal important letters. These days, these large statement rings are a great choice to add to an index or middle finger to complement a subtle smart or casual outfit.


Yes, watches are considered to be an item of jewellery. Let’s face it: Most people use a smartphone to tell the time these days, so precision Swiss accuracy is far less important than a classy and head turning look.

Choosing a watch that suits your personality is worth a whole guide in itself, but for simplicity, look for something oversized and masculine, or go for a completely different vibe with an 80s style retro sports watch recreation.

Neck Chains

Neck chains used to be the preserve of local wideboys. These days, they’re a hot fashion accessory that will upgrade a simple T-shirt into a thoroughly fashionable and modern look.

If you’re feeling daring, pick a long, 30+ inch gold Belcher chain and pair it with a low V-neck T-shirt for a look that really stands out. If you’re not quite ready to embrace something so outrageous, plump for a shorter 18-22 inch silver rope link chain that sits subtly below your neckline.


Just like necklaces, pendants range from the subtle to the outrageous. Avoid anything that looks a little “Cliched Eastern Spiritual” and instead plump for a classic cross or a small statement pendent that suits your own personality or interests.


Medallions are definitely bound by the same rules as pendents, but they’re actually more of a classic jewellery item that doesn’t scream “try hard” quite as loudly as an over-the-top pendent.

St. Christopher medallions are always a decent choice for a classic and understated look, or you could opt for a Classical Greek or Roman style design. Just avoid at all costs anything that strays too far into 1970s Saturday Night Fever territory and you won’t go far wrong!

Sovereign Rings

Whether it’s a tough Italian American vibe that you’re going for, or an edgy British urban cool, you can’t go wrong with a classic Sovereign ring. The Sovereign began life as an heirloom piece of jewellery, featuring a real “Gold Sovereign” coin embedded on the top of the band. It fell out of fashion for a few decades, but thanks to labels like Versace, it’s made a reappearance as a powerful piece of peacocking jewellery!


Men’s jewellery really has undergone an image reversal in recent years. What was once thought of as tacky or feminine is now the height of Instagram cool. Even better than that, it’s really easy to incorporate a couple of quality jewellery items Into your wardrobe to really update your look. So why not start experimenting with some of the items on our list?

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