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A Guide to Rocking Awesome 1980s Jewellery With Style

Revival fashion has seen a huge upsurge in popularity over the last few years. We’re seeing lots of early nineties style apparel appearing on the catwalks and amongst Instagram Influencers lately, but the one decade that continually seems to hold our fascination is the 1980s.

Maybe it’s the music videos? Or the cool movies? Either way, there’s just something about the 1980s that makes it so effortlessly chic (Albeit in a slightly over-the-top kind of way!)

This was the era of Jane Fonda leg warmers, massive hair and power dressing. Everything was big, bold and eye catching. And if you want to pull off 80s fashion convincingly, you’re going to need to make some outrageous choices of your own.

In this guide, we’re going to focus on 1980s jewellery, because not only is this an integral part of a perfect 80s look, but also because this style of jewellery is currently bang on trend.

Let’s jump in and find out what types of pieces work best for 80s revival fashion.

Nailing the Look:

First up, if we’re going to rock 1980s style jewellery, we’re going to need to find some iconic 80s celebs that typify the period:

Cindy Lauper

Photos of Cindy Lauper absolutely ooze 1980s style. Lauper shows how large statement pieces of jewellery became popular, with stacked bracelets and hoop earrings making a regular appearance alongside her brightly coloured, punky outfits.

The shear amount of jewellery that 1980s women (and some men, like Boy George for example) piled on, meant that designers had to come up with less expensive, alternative designs. That lead to beads, glass and plastic becoming popular materials for accessories.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana might not strike young people today as a fashion icon, but back in the 1980s, she was probably the most photographed woman in the world.

Diana exemplifies Haute Couture 80s style. Her look might have been understated, but it was still quintessentially 80s: Pearls and gemstones were frequent wardrobe staples, and the princess would often be seen sporting large gold earrings and chunky (by today’s standards) bracelets and jewel encrusted chokers.


1980s Madonna pealed to a younger, more trendy demographic. She rocked various looks throughout the decade, but layered necklaces, metal and thick chain cuffs featured prominently, as well as large dangling earrings and even jelly bracelets.

Pulling off the Look Today:

You don’t have to find original 1980s jewellery to pull off this look. You also don’t have to find items that have been specifically created to emulate 1980s style. It’s simply a matter of picking the right pieces and pairing them with suitable outfits and other accessories:

1980s Earrings

Earrings are probably the first item of jewellery that comes to mind when you think about 1980s style. Go big, with large hoops in funky colours, or go long, with more understated clip on items in gold or silver.

If you’re feeling brave, you could plump for tassels, mismatched earrings or even large fake pearls. As long as your outfit is on point, virtually anything goes!

80s Necklace Styles

80s necklaces often featured fake pearls and beads, hung in multiple “stacked” arrangements in mismatched colours. If you want a more elegant look, gold Belcher chains with chunky links work very well, and add a touch of shiny class to more urban inspired outfits. Whilst you’re at it, it’s totally possible to rock multiple chain-link necklaces with gold or silver pendants and medallions.

80s Rings

You probably get the look by now, and yes, you’d be correct: 80s rings were big, chunky statement items and often featured stones or gems. Cocktail rings were very fashionable, and helped to add a pop to more subdued outfits.

80s Bracelets

Jelly bracelets and leather cuffs were very popular, but again, chunky gold chains in either Belcher or Cuban link style work perfectly for adding a little bling to 1980s style outfits. It’s probably best not to mismatch metals, but it’s perfectly OK to mix leather and metal (or plastic).

In Conclusion…

Jewellery was an integral part of 1980s fashion. If you’re putting together an 80s inspired wardrobe (and you absolutely should!) Then take a little time to chose some bold, statement items to make your outfits pop!

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