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A Man’s Guide to Choosing a Bracelet

Bracelets, like other items of male jewellery, are making a huge comeback. From David Beckham to Jaden Smith, celebs and influencers are all stacking their wrists with various flavours of bands, bracelets and cuffs.

So with all that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive style guide to help you choose a men's bracelet that compliments your own wardrobe and adds a touch of class to your wrist. Let’s dive right in:

Men’s Bracelets: Things To Keep in Mind


There’s no right or wrong style when it comes to choosing a bracelet. We’ve included a range of different styles and materials in our guide, but if you’re unsure of what to choose, either pick something that suits your personality, or plump for a classic gold or silver chain for a timeless, masculine look.


When choosing a colour for your bracelet, take into consideration the rest of your wardrobe, and also try to stick to shades that won’t go out of fashion in a year’s time.

If you plan on wearing your bracelet regularly, you’ll need to take into consideration the colours of your other accessories, such as your wedding band or favourite watch. In addition, if you’re considering precious metals, try to match them with your skin tone: Gold tends to suit darker, warmer skin tones, and silver is best for paler or cooler shades.


We’ve included leather and beaded bracelets on our list, but they can be hard to pull off due to the overly casual vibe they give off. If that’s a look you’re comfortable with, great! But for men looking for stylish accessories that pair well with more formal attire, gold and silver bracelets are much better choices.

A Few Popular Types Of Bracelet:

Gold Bracelets:

The most recognisable style of gold bracelet is the Cartier love bangle. This it the his-and-hers design was made famous by Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, and far more recently by Kim and Kanye.

The style became so popular that it’s actually influenced the look of virtually every other style of bracelet that came after it, and because it’s fairly subtle in size and weight, it can be worn on the opposite wrist to a watch and will never look overly flashy or ostentatious.

Silver Bracelets:

Silver’s appeal lies in its subtlety. Although cheaper than gold, silver isn’t regarded as a lower rent alternative. Instead, silver suits cooler skin tones and has the advantage of looking less flashy than gold, meaning you can opt for a more chunky or over-the-top style of bracelet without looking like a 1970s gangster.

Looking for something a little more unique? Silver’s subtlety makes it perfect for layering with leather or beaded bands for a more textured, rock star vibe.

Beaded Bracelets:

Beaded bracelets are tough to pull off. If you wear them on their own, it can give off a vibe that’s a little too “student traveller”. If you want to wear beads for that relaxed, beach-bum vibe, then offset them (as previously mentioned) with a chunky silver bracelet, or a mature, stainless steel watch.

Rope Bracelets:

On their own, rope bracelets are subtle, but a little underwhelming. If you want this type of bracelet to stand out, try adding gold or silver charms and pendants to add a touch of uniqueness.

Chain Bracelets:

Chain bracelets are huge right now. Out of all the types of wrist-wear on this list, chains are by far the most popular and probably the easiest to pull off.

There are dozens of different styles of chain bracelet, but the Belcher link chain, named after old-school bare knuckle boxer, Jem Belcher, is probably the most popular. Belcher Chains give off an edgy, urban cool without looking overtly “hip hop”. They’re made of individual round or oval links that make for a tough, masculine accessory.

If Belcher chains don’t suit your style, you could try a Cuban or Herringbone style of bracelet for a more subtle, fluid looking accessory.

Leather Bracelets:

Leather bracelets used to scream “Surfer Dude” or “High School Alternative Kid”. These days, they’ve been reimagined as versatile fashion accessories by the likes of Versace and Saint Lauren. Leather’s neutral, inconspicuous look lends it to pairing with other types of bracelet, and it can even be worn on the same wrist as a chunky, stainless steel or gold watch.

Cuff Bracelets:

Bangle and cuff-style bracelets are great options for newcomers to the world of male jewellery because they’re extremely versatile. Cuff bracelets pair well with just about anything, and come in a vast array of different styles and unique materials like dull copper, brass and titanium.

In Conclusion…

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that bracelets and chains are in any way a feminine accessory. Men’s jewellery is making a massive comeback, and there’s a wealth of styles, colours and materials to suit any style or budget!

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