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What is the Most Popular Jewellery for Men?

Jewellery is often associated with women rather than men. A lot of people don’t realize that men’s jewellery exists just like women’s jewellery exists. Sometimes both genders may wear the same type of jewellery without anyone even telling them apart. Jewellery is certainly not like clothes where you can easily tell whether it’s men’s clothes or women’s clothes. Unless the jewellery piece is heart-shaped or ultra-thin, then the chances are that you won’t be able to tell whether it’s meant for a man or woman.

With that being said, men are prone to wearing certain types of jewellery that women are not prone to wearing. One good example of this is with Cuban chain necklaces. You won’t find too many women wearing Cuban chains because they’re designed with men in mind. These necklaces are thicker, heavier, and bulkier in most cases. Men will often wear multiple Cuban chains at the same time just to give off a particular aesthetic appeal that cannot be captured with any other chains or necklaces. 

Of course, all men have their own jewellery preferences. Men certainly don’t wear jewellery at the rate in which women wear it. But there are men who pride themselves in wearing certain pieces of jewellery which hold personal and/or monetary value to them. Aside from thick chain necklaces, men also like to wear watches too. There is nothing sexier on a man than a fabulous looking gold watch on their wrist. If you see a man wearing a watch like that, you just know he is someone worth talking to. 

Don’t settle for a boring smartwatch which has a dull, solid look to it. If you want to give off a positive impression to other people, especially women, then you need to wear something hot and attractive. A gold watch with diamonds around the perimeter of the face will certainly raise some eyebrows. This doesn’t need to be an authentic gold watch either. A fashion gold watch with diamonds can be just as appealing to other people who happen to see it. You won’t look any less important or sexy if you wear a fashion gold watch.

As for pendants, they are neutral in terms of gender. Both men and women like to wear pendants, but they’ll often choose different designs for their pendants. Women love to wear pendants shaped like hearts, butterflies, and crosses. Men may choose crosses too, but they’ll also choose something more creative like a Bitcoin symbol, skull, key, or cannabis leaf.

In the end, men care about the appearance of their jewellery just as much as women do. They aren’t so interested in authenticity unless they’re planning to resell it for more money. However, most men that wear jewellery just want to impress other people, such as women, co-workers, and clients. Since none of them are going to test their jewellery for authenticity, the man can save a lot of money by purchasing fashion jewellery and achieving the same result. So, why not purchase a fashion jewellery piece when you go looking for jewellery to buy?


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