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How to Wear a Chain with a Hoodie

If you want to rep your chains on the streets, you’ll need ones that pair nicely with your fashion. Hoodies are the ultimate piece of streetwear, and knowing how to dress them in gold (or steel) is a must!

Whether you rep a gold plated belcher chain or a classic Cuban, make sure you’re styling your hoodie with our guide.

Zip-Up or Pullover Hoodie?

How you style your chains might depend on not just what hoodie you’re repping, but whether the hoodie is open or closed.

A zip-up hoodie gives you a lot of options, including wearing chains underneath the top layer. However, you also need to consider how your chain will look against the metal zip - we suggest using a pendant to help the chain stand out.

A pullover hoodie is tailor-made for chains as it gives more room for your chain to stand out. You can never go wrong with a gold chain over a dark hoodie.

Pick Your Length

One of the toughest things to get right with chains is the length. Your unique style and energy will need the right size chain to make an impact.

What size chain you need will largely depend on the chain in question and what look you’re aiming for. Here are some rough guides to point you in the right direction.

16-18 Inches

These are usually the smallest sizes available. 16 or 18-inch chains will often sit just below the neck, which can look good if you’re showing off a statement chain. However, it doesn’t really suit a hoodie.

20-24 Inches

This is your standard chain sizing range. A 22-inch chain is a good size that offers some breathing room without drooping too much.

For a hoodie, a 20-inch might look a bit smaller and could sit near the drawstrings, depending on your hoodie. Often, if you want a standard chain with a bit of length, a 24-inch is a good choice, maybe even a 26-inch.

30 Inches +

Only go for a 30-inch chain if you want something with serious length. These chains can sometimes fall below the chest, so you’ll need something that really packs a punch for it to be effective.

Single or Multiple Chains

Once you’ve got your size, the next big question is one or more. Everyone has their own style, but it will often come down to what chains you have.

A bulky, regular-sized chain is often enough to make a statement on its own. Contrast with the colour of your hoodie - for example, wear gold over white or silver over black - to help your best chains stand out.

If your chain has a bit more length, it can be effective to pair it with similar thinner chains. Likewise, multiple thin chains including a pendant can be a really powerful look.

Remember, your style is what you make it. We’re not here to tell you how to look, but hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to make your own statement.

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