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Belcher Chain

What is a Belcher Chain?

The jewellery for your look, Not just for Christmas, but forever.
Spread the Christmas cheer for your loved ones - with the gift that will complete your look and style.

Wondering what is it that we are referring to? Well, a gold belcher chain can be the perfect mix between essential & trendy. Here's everything you need to know about it.

A beauty in itself, you will find Belcher chains as D-shaped links of various sizes and thicknesses. A popular choice among all, you can wear it as a subtle accent or a bold statement piece.

Gold belcher chain bracelet 1
Whether you plan to pick from men's gold belcher chain styles, women's or children's, these chains come in a variety of thicknesses and, of course, length.

Are Belcher Chains Good?

Yes, absolutely! Belcher chains can offer a range of benefits. These chains are one of the most adaptable and prominent jewellery chain types because they are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes and alloys. It has two distinct notches that connect flat, closely interconnecting uniform links.

Belcher chains had existed for centuries, long before state-of-the-art innovation became available. As a result, they belong to the quintessential chain style group. These accessories, like most classic jewellery pieces, are still extremely fashionable.

Gold belcher chain bracelet 2
A great value for money investment, the designs of the chains are simple, minimalist and classic. Moreover, since they can also be used for daily use, you will always have a piece to complete your look around your neck.
Choosing the Right Length of Chain

Belcher chains typically range from 20 to 22 inches in length. Also, the longer the chain, the more of an assertion it creates. On the other hand, a shorter chain may prove the best choice if you want to grab a more sophisticated look, as you can conveniently wear it on top of or under a t-shirt without having to look too bold.

Why is it called Belcher Chain?

An ageless adornment, the discovery of the chain style dates back to the 19th century in the United Kingdom. Ever since it was found, this classic design is still popular today.
You will find many legends around the name Belcher, the majority of which remind you of the 19th-century James Belcher, the bare-knuckle boxer. It is widely assumed that it was named after him. Likewise, another concept revolves around the belcher scarves that the fighter featured. His scarves were held together by a ring that looked like the links on a belcher chain.

Gold belcher chain bracelet 3

Is a belcher chain for men?

Yes, of course! A heavy belcher chain can be the best option for men.
A requisite in jewellery design, you can include sapphire, diamond or simply a pre-assembled pendant. The stunning appearance and exquisite craftsmanship with the opulent design will feel smooth against the skin. Whether you layer it with a few other contrasting pieces or wear it alone, the bezel-edged chain will definitely give a touch of effortless sophistication.

Why choose a belcher chain as a Christmas gift?

If you've ever accepted sentimental jewellery, you'll almost certainly remember who gave it to you, where you were, and perhaps even the emotions attached to it. Gifting jewellery is a fantastic idea because it can be meaningful, practical, and ideal to give a precious item to your loved one. Here's why we think it would be one of the best options to choose:

Jewellery is a long-lasting investment:

Gold belcher chain bracelet 4
Jewellery is more than just a purchase. It's an investment that can grow in value over time. Furthermore, the majority of family heritage includes pieces of jewellery passed down through generations.

It conveys the correct message:

Giving jewellery as a gift can help you express yourself when you don't know what to say. A diamond is the epitome
of "forever." And, when you give something like a Belcher chain which can stay with them every day, you become a part of their life.

It is adaptable:

Jewellery is incredibly adaptable. Custom pieces that reflect a loved one's character, colour preferences, or style can be found or created. Have your gift etched with a significant date, text, or phrase to create it even more meaningful and unique. You can select from a unique collection and styles that can suit your choices and preferences, and price range.

Why choose a yellow gold chain to gift to your loved one, you ask?

Well, this piece of ornament can be the perfect mix between essential & trendy. On top of this, as with other pieces of jewellery, while the necklace has been an important decoration for the body, it will also work correctly to prove itself as a status symbol. Indeed, you can also choose to gift an everyday wear set.
We cannot deny the fact that necklaces communicate elements of position, identity, skill, prestige, affiliation, power and wealth. Simultaneously, they also showcase your love and gratitude for the person. The endurance of jewellery like necklaces made of gemstones, glass beads, or metal provides an opportunity to understand and appreciate the aesthetics, artistry, cultural practices, technology and era. Since we always associate ornaments with yellow gold chains, it subtly blends in any skin colour. So, no matter which style you choose, it will perfectly complement the skin tone.

Gold belcher chain bracelet 5

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Our brand offers gold belcher chains that signify both durability and price. Certainly, our styles will withstand the rigours of everyday wear.
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