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Men’s Jewellery Gift Guide 2022

Buying the right gift can be tricky, but there's no need for things to get messy. This stream-line gift guide will help make choosing the right present for your man simple, easy and, most importantly, stylish.

Here at Bling King, we believe jewellery is a must-have. It accentuates your style while silently speaking volumes.

If you're in the market for a unique and impressive present, why not check out our selection of jewellery for more inspiration? We stock high-quality men's gold Cuban chains, so you won't be far from finding the right gift.

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What do Guys Really Want as Gifts?

What gift do you buy someone who repeatedly says they don't want anything? You could look at clothing, leather or cologne, but these are gifted to them time and time again; it's an easy but overdone option.

If you want to shower your man in gold, then why not do it? Jewellery is something that can be easily overlooked as gifts for men - even by the giftee himself. Some might even want to start sporting a chain, but they can't justify buying it or don't have the confidence to wear one.


What Jewellery Should Men Wear?

Realistically, men can wear whatever jewellery they like. Most of the time, it depends on their sense of style. There's no right or wrong; jewellery is just an expression of their taste.

The most popular jewellery worn by men include:

  • Rings 
  • Bracelets
  • Chains
  • Watches
  • Cufflinks
  • Tie Clips

They can be worn subtly or as a statement piece; this usually depends on their personality and general trend.


What Type of Necklace Should a Man Wear?

If you're not sure where to start with men's jewellery, then chains are a great go-to. Rings and bracelets are great gift ideas too, but chains are a safer place to start looking.

Now the big question is, which chain?

Belcher Chain

Also known as a Rolo Chain, the Belcher chain is a timeless British classic. The chain is named after a bare-knuckle boxer, Jem Belcher, an All England champion from 1800-1805.

Alongside the Curb chain, the Belcher chain has some of the most traditional links on the market, making it a popular choice.

Belcher chains are made up of D-shaped links that are broad and uniform in size and shape. You'll find the chain in loads of different sizes, making it a versatile and easy-to-wear choice.

The belcher chain is also available in an endless amount of styles, from XXL standard chains to 8mm diamond cut belcher chains. So, depending on their style, you'll be sure to find a belcher chain that represents them.

Cuban Chain

Among other chains, there's no denying that the Cuban stands out. Its versatility and cable-like design are popular with both traditionalists and urban stylists.

Cuban chains feature an unbroken seam of oval links; the most memorable example of this is Jay-Z's solid gold chain, weighing an insane 11 pounds. The style of chain is a classic design with a much more modern edge. It's undoubtedly a statement piece that has been worn by hip hop legends across the globe.

Because of how the chain has been designed, it sits nicely around the neck and has an eye-catching thickness that suggests quality. To make things a bit more personal, you can easily upgrade the chain by showcasing pendants.

Three pendants hanging off a chain

Should Guys Wear Gold or Silver?

Silver necklaces are a popular choice; they can work well with different outfits and occasions, from T-shirts to suits. They're simple, classic and sophisticated, but gold chains can be just as effective.

Gold chains are versatile and can be used as a great way to accent any aesthetic. Some men might steer clear of gold if they're worried about it looking tacky, but if it's worn right, it can effortlessly ooze confidence.

The choice between silver and gold mainly comes down to personal style and colour tone. If the present is for someone who only owns gold bracelets or watches, it might be best to purchase a gold chain, so the metals match.

As well as style, when picking out jewellery for someone, you should also think about their skin tone. If the giftee has a warm undertone, then gold is the perfect metal to help accentuate this. But if they have a much cooler tone and a fair complexion, then silver will work best.

How Thick Should a Man's Chain be?

The thickness of the chain will often depend on two things:

  • Their physique 
  • If it will be worn with a pendant

If they are generally slim, then a 2-4mm in thickness will generally look good. But if they're broader, you might want to go a bit thicker to make things more proportional.

Pendant necklaces are often worn on chains that range between 22-25" so the pendant will sit in the middle of the chest. Chains with pendants tend to be around 4-6mm in width.

A chain worn without a pendant is often 2-6 mm in width, but these aren't hard and fast rules.

A man wearing a chain

What is a Good Chain Length for a Man?

Chains as short as 18" are considered a choker on most men. It's worth knowing that this length can be uncomfortable for some if too tight.

Men's chains are often 20"; this will generally fall between the two top buttons on a shirt, which can look stylish both tucked inside the shirt and worn over the top.

As mentioned above, if the chain is going to sport a pendant, then most will opt for a chain length of 22-25".

24" chains can also work well when worn outside the shirt. You can jazz it up with a pendant or some dog tags. This length also works well when used to create a layered effect using various chain lengths.

The longest chain length is generally 30". This length is designed to be worn outside the shirt without pendants.

Our Top Gifts for Men

We've picked out some of our favourite gifts for men! Check out our recommendations for specially selected jewellery for inspiration.

Check out our St Christopher pendant

St Christopher Pendant

This specially manufactured pendant has been designed to look and feel like the real thing. The detail and craftsmanship of this pendant is undoubtedly outstanding. This iconic jewellery is the perfect gift; it's subtle and stylish while still eye-catching.

Check out our 3D clown pendant

3D Clown Pendant on a Cuban Chain

If you're looking for something a bit different, this gift might be what you're looking for. This large clown pendant offers a unique surprise with an impressive finish. It's the perfect present for a son, nephew or even a partner!

Clown pendants are notorious for costing hundreds of pounds for an almost identical experience. The pendant has been crafted to look like real gold and studded with stones and gems to look as authentic as it possibly can. The pendant’s head, arms and legs move freely, which expresses the quality of this piece.

Check out our 3D clown pendant

Gold Curb Cuban Chain

This specially designed Cuban chain necklace is a timeless gift. It's been specifically designed to look like a real gold necklace costing its weight in gold. Here at Bling King, this simple but sophisticated piece is one of our favourites; you just can't go wrong with it.

It's highly polished and durable, and it can be worn alone or with a pendant if preferred. The chain is available in 24", 16" and 20".

Here at Bling King, we believe that everyone should look their best without breaking the bank. For more gift and style guides, check out our blog, or you can find inspiration gift ideas on our online store.

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