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The Complete Guide to Cuban Link Chains

Some trends come and go, but the Cuban chain is a must-have.

Both women’s and men’s gold Cuban chains offer tons of style to go with any look. Here, we provide a complete run-down of this classic chain and how to pull it off with your unique style.

What is a Cuban Link Chain?

The Cuban chain is one of the most famous styles going - you could call it THE gold chain.

But what makes a chain a Cuban?

The Cuban chain is defined by its oval-shaped links. While a belcher chain links at 90-degree angles, Cuban links are much straighter.

As a result, Cuban chains create a rope effect that makes them easily distinguishable from other chains.

A man wearing a Cuban chain necklace

Types of Cuban Link Chains

There are two main types of Cuban chain:

  • Miami Cuban
  • Curbed Link

The main difference is how bulky the chain looks. Miami Cuban chains have tighter links with less space in-between, while they also tend to be thicker and heavier, creating a bulky look.

A curb chain, on the other hand, has larger links that tend to be flattened. This style creates a more flexible chain with a softer appearance.

Of course, Cuban chains have been designed beyond these two forms. with a range of different colours, sizes and links available, there is huge variation when it comes to the Cuban chains available on our site.

How to Style a Cuban Chain Necklace

The Cuban is incredibly versatile. Whether you want a classic statement look or something new, a Cuban chain will always help you stand out.

The go-to look for a Cuban chain is ‘simple and stylish’. Often, a gold Cuban necklace on its own is enough to draw the eye, or you can pair it with a gold bracelet for added bling.

A classic look is wearing your gold Cuban against dark colours. A gold chain against a black t-shirt or hoodie is a timeless style.

If you want to add a more modern twist, pair the gold chain with thinner silver necklaces. Alternatively, pick a studded Cuban chain to add a touch of class to your style.

Pendants for Cuban Link Chains

Cuban curbs are ideal for pairing with pendants, which is a great way to make more noise with your chains.

Styling your pendant depends largely on its size. If you want to rep a large or bulky pendant, ensure your Cuban chain is big enough to still stand out. If you’re wearing a smaller or thinner pendant, you can experiment with thinner Cubans.

A Cuban chain necklace with pendant

Where to Find Cheap Cuban Link Chains

Here at Bling King, we’re on a mission to make chains for everyone. We offer a range of gold-plated Cuban chains that look like the real thing costing thousands.

We have a huge range of Cuban chains available. With a range of sizes, thicknesses and styles, find the perfect one for your look today.

Cuban chains at Bling King

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