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How to Wear a Chain with a Polo

Chains are a statement piece; they can either add a modest or flashy extension to your aesthetic.

How you wear your chain will naturally depend on your sense of style; there's no right or wrong way to wear one, but if you're looking to maintain a sense of stylish expression, then you might want to take note of our advice.

When picking out your first chain, selecting the right one for you and your style can be a bit confusing. With so many types to choose from, such as gold plated belcher chains or crystal-studded Cuban ones, you want to make sure your chain will work with your wardrobe.

If your wardrobe is mainly made up of polo shirts, then there's no need to hold off on the chains; they work well together, creating a casual but classic look.

A close up of a pendant on a gold chain

Under or Over the Shirt

Depending on what sort of style you prefer, you can wear your chain under or over your polo shirt. Some prefer to go for a much more casual appearance by unbuttoning the polo, revealing a bit of chain and chest.

Others might be more comfortable with a more preppy and urban infused aesthetic by buttoning up their polos and wearing their chain under their collar. Each style is subjective and down to you to choose.

A man putting up his hood and wearing a gold chain and bracelet

Match your Metals

Chains come in a variety of colours, but the two classics consist of gold and silver. Your chain should match your outfit; if you're wearing a watch, ring or bracelets, it's best to keep things tidy by wearing the same tones.


Chain Length

The chain length will matter; your look could be slightly off if your chain is too short to fit under your collar.

If you're aiming for an undercover chain, you'll generally be more comfortable with a 20-inch chain, whereas if you prefer your polo's buttoned, you might want a slightly longer chain ranging from 26-30 inches.

A close up of a chain


If you're wearing your chain over your shirt, why not go wild and wear a couple more chains? What's to stop you from layering them? If you're looking for a clean-cut style, this might not be for you, but if you want to make a statement, then it's the accessorising answer.

You can easily pull off 2-3 chains of different textures, lengths and thickness; experiment with your accessories and see what works for you and your sense of style.

If you’re looking to buy the right chain for your aesthetic, then take a look at our impressive selection of styles. We offer classic Cubans to pendants and much more.

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