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Men’s watches: how to choose a good one


Since Peter Henlein first came up with the idea of a portable timepiece in 1504 the watch has gone from strength to strength. It has now evolved into a very practical fashion accessory and even a status symbol. Men’s watches have got bigger and more decorative since the humble days of the pocket watch but what should you look for when buying a watch?


Consider the size

As a general rule a man’s watch should have a case diameter of at least 38-42mm wide.  If you want to create a hip hop look then the bigger the better. Small watches tend to look quiet feminine so keep this in mind when choosing a watch. A large watch will create a statement look.


What about lifestyle?

If you work outdoors or do a lot of sport then it is important to get a watch that suits your lifestyle. However, if you will only wear your watch when you are going to a bar, restaurant or night out then you can choose a decorative design.


What functions will you need?

Watches are available with an array of functions including date, chronograph, tachymeter, moon phases, power reserve indicator and more. While you will probably never use some of the more complicated features, others might come in handy. However it is worth thinking carefully about which functions you will actually use. Larger faces are easier to read and decorative watches are usually analogue as opposed to digital.


Consider the aesthetic design of your watch

Before you choose a timepiece consider how well it will fit in with your existing jewellery and the outfits you enjoy wearing. A watch is a wonderful statement piece so find one that will look good with skin tone and has a comfortable strap. Gold and silver plated designs look especially striking. It is important that you feel confident and happy wearing it.  Luxurious men’s watches are now more affordable than ever, so why not treat yourself?

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