The 640 diamond NBA ring

If you watch NBA basketball, you will know how amazing Toronto run was to win it’s first championship and it is matched by the biggest ring in NBA championship history, it depicts the Larry O'Brien trophy over the Canadian city's skyline - the iconic CN Tower included, and all accentuated with custom-cut baguette diamonds - along with the team jersey logo.

It has more diamonds than any other professional championship ring, the most diamond total carat weight, and the largest single diamond - all Canadian sourced to commemorate the historic Raptors' victory against the Golden State Warriors in June.

However this wasn’t enough for Drake, who has two rings, one given to him by the Raptors, by the other was also commissioned by Jason of Beverly Hills.

NBA Championship ring


Designed by Drake and celebrity jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills. A true Bling King piece features the team mascot on the face with the “The Boy” engraved across the top. What’s more, Drake’s custom contains more diamonds than any other championship ring in NBA history, with a crazy 30 carats estimated to be valued at over $150,000.

"Drake was very involved in the design and wanted to capture his vision for the ring. He wanted to pay homage to his city and design something on a different level," said Jason Arasheben, CEO Jason of Beverly Hills. However Drake not the only person to spice it up, Marc Gasol got ‘Grit&Grind’ on his championship ring with the Raptors.

Let us know what you think of the Raptors ring?

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