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Men’s Jewellery Trends 2021

For us, jewellery is a must-have for any man that wants to look fashionable. As style continues to evolve, we’re seeing a range of classic chains like belchers and men’s gold Cuban chains paired with bigger and bolder designs to create some great looks.

Whether you want to expand your collection or are interested in wearing chains for the first time, this guide is perfect for making sure your look is on-trend. Check out the latest styles below:

Statement Pendants

While a classic chain will always be a must-have, pendants are 100% in at the moment. Big names are catching the eye with even bigger pendants, creating statement styles that make noise and get noticed.

The current trend is less about the size and more about detail. Extravagant but small hanging pendants are a game changer, quickly becoming must-haves for anyone who wants to be at the front of fashion.

Another trend you’ll see a lot right now is pairing and combining different items, and the same goes for pendant chains. Wear two different chains and pendants to create a truly on-trend aesthetic.

Bling King Recommends

If you want a pendant that catches the eye, look no further than our 3D Clown Pendant. This gold-plated pendant features moving body parts and studs that look just like real diamonds and gemstones.

Pairing this eye-catching pendant with a classic Cuban Chain is a great way to achieve the current must-have style.


Boxed gold large 3D clown pendant with Cuban chain by Bling King


More Colour

One thing many people are seeing on the streets is more experimentation with colour. Jewellery is no exception, and if you want to stay on-trend, you should start mixing up your game.

Let’s be straight: gold is a classic look that is here to stay - you can’t go wrong with a gold chain. However, pairing your everyday staple with a different shade, such as silver, is a quick way to make sure you’re sporting the latest trend.

Bling King Recommends

Pairing chains is back in fashion, so why not combine different sizes and shades?

Combining an eye-catching gold chain like a Cuban with a classy silver belcher is a great way to add style to your everyday chain look.


12mm silver diamond patterned belcher chain by Bling King


Stacking Bracelets

Stacking your chains is a great way to show what you’re made of. Sometimes, bracelets can be the toughest style to pull off, but combining different chains is a great way to get heads turning your way.

The key with on-trend bracelets is to not overdo it. One chain on its own is good for subtlety while wearing two different chains is bang in style. Any more, and you risk your wrist becoming too busy, so choose wisely.

Bling King Recommends

An absolute must-have bracelet is our 8mm Gold Diamond Cut Pattern Belcher. An absolute classic, it’s designed to look like the real thing costing thousands.

Pair this staple with a silver Cuban curb bracelet to create a look that finds the perfect balance between noise and style.

8mm gold diamond cut pattern belcher bracelet by Bling King

Eye-Catching Rings

Big rings are in. While we all used to be wearing thin, simple metal rings, now jewellery fashion’s all about making noise.

Rings are the most versatile part of your look, and there are so many designs that are in right now. There are currently two dominant trends to watch out for: either multiple small but detailed rings or one large eye-catching piece.

If you want to pair thinner rings, unlike bracelets, you want similar colours but with different designs. If you’re going to make a statement, invest in a large ring that will get heads turning.

Bling King Recommends

If you need a big ring, one of our most popular is the Gold-Filled St George Sovereign Ring with Stones. This ring is the business, with an eye-catching front studded with stones that sparkle just like real diamonds. It’s the perfect item to finish off your look.

Gold St George sovereign ring with stones by Bling King

Find Your Style

Ultimately, jewellery is about making your statement and showing your style to the world. Take the on-trend styles above and turn them into a reflection of yourself and your attitude.

Here at Bling King, we believe in “fake it ‘til you make it”. That’s why we offer luxury gold-plated and gold-filled jewellery that looks and feels just like luxury wares worth thousands.

Our stylish range is perfect for anyone that wants to make a statement without breaking the bank. Take a look at our complete range today and find the perfect piece for you.

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