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Make an entrance with a byzantine gold chain

July 20, 2018 1 min read


If you want heads to turn when you walk into a room then a gold necklace is one of the boldest ways to do it. Gold chains have been an unapologetic part of hip-hop culture since the early 80s and they are not going anywhere! They co-ordinate perfectly with hip hop clothes and make a bold statement. However, whether you rock multiple chains at once or keep it simple with a single gold chain it important that you wear your bling with confidence.


Why choose byzantine gold chains


Byzantine gold chainsstand out from the crowd because of their design. They are intricately constructed whilst still being chunky. The decorative links give them an unusual finish that enhances gold’s natural beauty. The byzantine pattern is thought to date back to Roman times which makes sense when you consider the intricate textured appearance. It draws attention to the neck and epitomises luxury.  Even without a pendant it makes a statement but it can still work well as part of a multiple gold chain look.


Thick gold chainsusually cost thousands of pounds, but you don’t have to be a millionaire rapper to look like one. Our range of gold plated jewellery is constructed using the latest plating technology to give it the appearance of solid gold.  

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