A short guide to men’s chains


The selection of men’s chains available is extensive. If you prefer a low key look then you can buy thin lightweight chains but if you want to amp up your hip hop style then it is worth investing in something more substantial. Hip hop inspired chains come in both gold plated and silver. Some are embellished with crystals and there are a range of thicknesses and lengths, but before you buy one there are a number of things to consider.


Things to consider before buying a men’s chains

Like your clothes, the jewellery you wear says a lot about you so it is important to choose pieces that suit your style. Consider the clothes you will wear with your chain. Block colours like black and white help chains stand out while bright prints and intricate designs can overshadow your necklace. It is also worth considering what other jewellery you have and how well it will match with your new chain. If you like detailed designs then you will probably enjoy the intricate links of the byzantine chains. If you prefer retro hip hop style then rope chains might be more up your street. However if you want something you can add a pendant to then a Cuban link chain would make an excellent choice. A classic gold chain allows you to add bling to it when it suits your mood but you can also create a formal look if you want to.


Sparkle and length

For jewellery enthusiasts who just love bling then an iced out chain is the only way to go. The crystals will give your look more sparkle than a tray of diamonds and you will turn heads wherever you are.


The link style and the embellishments help give each chain a different look. To ensure your chain stands out make sure it has enough length to sit comfortably on your chest. You can have it a bit shorter if you will wear it with a pendant.

Which style will you choose?

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