How to rock bling jewellery in style


When it comes to hip hop style, bling jewellery is an essential. Jewel encrusted chains, sparkling rings and statement bracelets and watches are key to hip hop fashion. The idea is to wear your wealth on your body.


What to wear with bling jewellery

Bling jewellery is usually intricately made and cleverly crafted. This gives it a lavish look and the idea is to make it stand out so it is important to pair it with the right outfit. You can effortlessly nail hip hop style by wearing your jewellery with block colours. Plain black and white clothes help show off your jewellery. Wear your chains over your top and opt for short sleeves so you can show off your rings, bracelets and watch. Avoid clothes with patterns and bold designs. Let the jewellery take centre stage.


Choose pieces that co-ordinate with each other

 If you have diverse taste in jewellery, it can be difficult to find pieces that co-ordinate well with each other but while they might not match entirely, choose precious metals that match.  Avoid wearing gold and silver together and keep the rest of your outfit neutral.

Jewel encrusted jewellery costs thousands of pounds but with our expertly crafted costume jewellery you can shine bright like a diamond for a fraction of the price. Why not treat yourself to some bling jewellery today?

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