Bling King Brand Story


Fake it until you make it! 

Put on a convincing front and make the statement that you dress to impress 

Dress for success with Bling King UK 

If I have learned anything in life at all, it’s that the best success stories start with failure.  How many times have you heard the stories of triumph, wealth and achievement and thought to yourself I could never do that.  But the lies you tell yourself aren’t the only thing that stops you.  It's the excuses that follow; they must have had rich parents, probably went to a great school, maybe they were just born lucky. 

Yes, I know I am guilty of this too. But, the truth is stories of greatness,  accomplishment and real impact are stories worth paying attention to. Not because of the outcome but because of the hard lessons learned along the way. 

How failure became my wildest dream 

In 2012, after massive success, expansion and sales booming - my business just crashed. We went from huge profits to an unsustainable debt and before I knew it I was closing the doors of our office space, sending staff on their way and filing bankruptcy.

The reason I’m telling you this story is not to gain your sympathy because after all I am the Bling King and we made it back; stronger, smarter and with a purpose.

I am here to encourage those of you who come to us to seek a bit of style, confidence and grace to never allow fear to distract you from your greatness. Your wildest dreams are achievable even after failing time and time again. 

If it’s all you can think about, all you’re really good at then keep doing it until you succeed. Like I did. Go after that vision of greatness. 

We are on a mission 

You know what they say, "dress for success and you will be successful." We want the stories of our loyal followers to be the beginning of a new kind of movement in the British fashion jewellery industry.

We are here to create something that has never existed before a fusion of jewellery and mindset. Our jewellery will be transformational, not just a unique statement piece but a unique statement - to your mates, yourself and the world that you are here to get yours. 

Our jewellery and brand gives an entirely new meaning to traditional fashion jewellery - it carries a new mindset that is adopted by its wearer-  who understands it’s unique value, separating Bling King from all other brands. 


Let Bling King UK remind you every day of what is important to you and how you are prepared to get dressed and go after it. 

Are you ready 

If you want something badly enough, fake it. Pretend to be the person that you see in your mind's eye. Dress for the part and soon, it will become real. You will be living out a vision that was only in your head not too long ago! Remember success is the eye of the observer. Let’s blind them with Bling

So remember we failed, we came back and now we have you to thank for that. 

Now go on and create your story of greatness by choosing how you want to be seen, respected and noticed. We will continue to create the jewellery that helps you with that.