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The Lockdown Jewellery Boom

Have you made any wild jewellery risks over these past few months? Looking to make a few more, or perhaps you’re ready to make your first foray into the world of gold and silver? Whoever you are, Bling King is can get you looking your sharpest.

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The Top Ten Women’s Jewellery Trends for Winter 2020

The new decade has certainly gotten off to a strange start. COVID-19 and the subsequent shutdown of the world’s economy has put many industries in complete stasis. For the world of fashion, that means cancelled shows, broken supply chains and a big gap in the catwalk trends that go on to influence our mainstream wardrobes. So where does that leave high street fashion now we’re beginning to venture out into a post COVID-19 world? Well, fortunately we can take a look back to last year’s catwalks and find the trends that will almost certainly make it into stores this season. One thing’s for certain, jewellery is going to feature heavily in many of the new decade’s looks. Here’s the lowdown...

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Men’s Style: The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Ring

For at least the last couple of decades, there’s been a weird stigma surrounding men’s jewellery. For some strange reason, the type of man who would happily wear an expensive watch by Rolex or Omega would almost certainly scoff at the idea of wearing a gold chain, or even worse, a decorative ring. Perhaps it’s because wearing jewellery is seen as something of a vanity statement, whereas although decorative, a watch is more of a functional item? Whatever the the reason, it seems that slowly, these outmoded views are beginning to fade, and men’s jewellery is seeing something of a renaissance. If you’re currently on the fence about whether to add a few choice accessories to your own wardrobe, you...

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A Guide to Rocking Awesome 1980s Jewellery With Style

Revival fashion has seen a huge upsurge in popularity over the last few years. We’re seeing lots of early nineties style apparel appearing on the catwalks and amongst Instagram Influencers lately, but the one decade that continually seems to hold our fascination is the 1980s. Maybe it’s the music videos? Or the cool movies? Either way, there’s just something about the 1980s that makes it so effortlessly chic (Albeit in a slightly over-the-top kind of way!) This was the era of Jane Fonda leg warmers, massive hair and power dressing. Everything was big, bold and eye catching. And if you want to pull off 80s fashion convincingly, you’re going to need to make some outrageous choices of your own. In...

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