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The Top Ten Women’s Jewellery Trends for Winter 2020

The new decade has certainly gotten off to a strange start. COVID-19 and the subsequent shutdown of the world’s economy has put many industries in complete stasis. For the world of fashion, that means cancelled shows, broken supply chains and a big gap in the catwalk trends that go on to influence our mainstream wardrobes.

So where does that leave high street fashion now we’re beginning to venture out into a post COVID-19 world? Well, fortunately we can take a look back to last year’s catwalks and find the trends that will almost certainly make it into stores this season.

One thing’s for certain, jewellery is going to feature heavily in many of the new decade’s looks. Here’s the lowdown on the top ten trends making waves for Fall and Winter 2020 accessory style:

1. Neo-Parisian

Cameo rings, pearls and layers of gold chain were the order of the day for last fall’s runways. The look was classic Parisian with a modern, energetic twist. Givenchy favoured pearl necklaces worn at jaunty angles, whIle Dior opted for for a similar look with rhinestone detailing. Want to try it for yourself? Think opulent and glamorous, but with a modern, rebellious edge.

2. Spirit of Punk

Another popular look where jewellery featured heavily: Bondage gear, piercings and studded chokers were out in force on the pre-lockdown runways, adding a 1970s punky, Vivienne Westwood flavour to the otherwise grungy and androgynous check patterns and boxy shapes on display.

4. Oversized Statement Earrings

Earrings in late 2020 are about to get big and bold. Last year’s catwalks were full of oversized, statement earrings with long chains and mismatched detailing, and that look is already trickling down onto the highstreet.

5. Rhinestone Studs

Rhinestone studs were attached to every clothing item and piece of jewellery imaginable at all of the early 2020 runway events, and that style has already entered mainstream fashion, with oversized stones adorning bracelets, cuffs, earrings and even shoes.

6. Loud Colors

Last year’s trend was for cyber-punk, neon tinged clothing and this year, that look has found its way into jewellery design. Most of the jewellery finding its way into mainstream fashion is big in size, and finished in gaudy neon hues, with a definite 1990s throwback style on full display. Think hoop earrings and chunky bracelets in loud, day-glow colours.

7. Large Logos

All the major fashion labels have added large logos to their clothing and accessories in recent ears. Jewellery is now beginning to follow suit, with earrings featuring small embossed logos and necklaces sported monogramed and initialed logos fashioned from rows of tiny jewels.

8. Chunky, Oversized Chains

One stand out jewellery item seen across the catwalks last season was the chunky, oversized chain, and we expect that trend to become massive over the coming years. Gold chains with large, Belcher-style links are the most popular style right now, and can be seen in all types of shape and size, from chunky, low hanging necklaces to oversized bracelets and chokers.

9. Trinkets & Charms

Charm bracelets probably won’t be making a huge comeback any time soon, but there were a lot of what can only be described as “Curiosity Shop” items on display late last year. Stella McCartney’s outfits were adorned with tiny trombone jewellery, whilst Loewe plumped for decorative watch bracelets with hanging charms.

10. Layered Pendents and Medallions

This year’s highstreet fashion is all about the bling, with pendents and medallions featuring heavily in many fall and winter collections. Whereas previous styles have called for a single subtle pendant or medallion, this season the trend will see multiple layered pieces with mismatched pendants and medallions on full display.

Wrapping Up…

COVID-19 might have put the fashion industry on hold for a few months, but that’s given us time to see which trends and styles have made it from last Winter’s runways into this season’s stores.

One thing looks certain: Fall 2020 and into 2021 looks like an exciting time for fashion, with chunky chains, oversized gold jewellery and stacked pendants featuring heavily in styles where subtlety has fallen by the wayside. Why not get ahead of the curve today with some statement jewellery to make your winter fashion pop!

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