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Is It Better to Wear More Jewellery or Less?

The purpose of wearing jewellery is to make yourself look better. In primitive cultures, jewellery was a symbol of religion, god, ethnicity, race, or family. As for western society, jewellery has become a fashion statement for beauty and wealth. After all, if you saw someone wearing three sparkling diamond rings on their fingers, what is the first thing you would think? You would probably think the person looks attractive and has a lot of money, right?

The more jewellery someone wears, the more it seems to enhance these impressions of them from other people. But is there a limit to the amount of jewellery that someone should wear? A lot of musicians and rappers like to wear several gold chains and gold rings because it gives them a certain visual appeal which accommodates their given profession as entertainers. But for the average person, wearing all these jewellery pieces might make them look weird or unusual.

Jewellery tends to highlight the attributes of different areas of your body and enhances their aesthetical appeal. However, this can only work if you wear a moderate amount of jewellery. The average person might wear one ring on their finger, one chain around their neck, and maybe a pair of earrings. Three pieces of jewellery spread out over different areas of the body are acceptable because they are all highlighting those different areas. 

On the other hand, someone who wears three sets of earrings, five rings, and four necklaces all at the same time might look strange to other people. If the person is not an entertainer, then people might roll their eyes or keep staring at them with a look of confusion. But at the end of the day, it really depends on their wardrobe too. Sometimes a lot of jewellery can be made to look good if it blends well with the shirt and pants. It is really up to you to decide which combination of jewellery and clothes looks good.

If you’re ready to experiment with more jewellery, then try experimenting with fashion jewellery. The great thing about fashion jewellery is that you can purchase a lot of it without emptying your wallet. The average fashion jewellery piece might cost around £39.95, which is not expensive at all for jewellery. Compare that to the average fine jewellery cost of £2,000+, and you’ll appreciate the price difference. 

If you’re looking to buy at least four or five jewellery pieces, then it’ll only cost you around £200 if you choose fashion jewellery. But if you go with the more expensive fine jewellery pieces, the total cost would be £10,000+ in this case. Since you’re only experimenting with your own fashion sense, it makes more sense to purchase fashion jewellery. That way, if you’re not happy with your appearance from wearing all those jewellery pieces, you won’t be at much of a financial loss.

For people who have never worn jewellery before, start with a few pieces of jewellery and then work your way up. Some people are naturally accepting of having jewellery on their bodies while others need more time to warm up to it.

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