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BARGAIN!! Defective 9K Belcher Chain and Bracelet - Blingkinguk

BARGAIN!! Minor Defect 9K gold plated Belcher Bracelet

High Quality Jewellery

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These are high quality manufactured products but unfortunately the anti-tarnish coating was not applied correctly, therefore these can tarnish easily without good care. These are only recommended to be worn occasionally or for minimal use. Proper jewellery care should help keep its original lustre and shine. Such as not getting it wet and storing properly when not in use.

We are selling these in LOW LOW PRICES.

They look and feel like solid gold, heavy and luxurious. The problem is only with the tarnishing that can be avoided with proper jewellery care.

We want to make our customers aware of the defect, so you can get a bargain and you can enjoy these products without getting disappointed with the quality. If they are looked after really well, and worn occasionally, they can last a long time still. It’s just that they are not as robust as our normal quality would be.


Luxurious 9k gold plating