Drop Shipping FAQ

Free shipping for drop-ship items 
What is drop shipping and how does Bling King Drop Shipping work?

Dropshipping is a very practical method in saving space, time, energy and money by us being your storage and shipping of items to your customers. You simply list the item/s in your store, the customer purchases the item and then you send the sales order onto us who will then ship it to the customer.

This results in a very handy profitable method for you. You gain a profit from the discount rate you've paid us subtracted from the cost you've placed on the item for customers

Is drop shipping right for my business?

Dropshipping is the perfect method to use within your business as demand for items can go up and down. Rather than charging higher inventory costs by buying too many items to meet unlikely demands, our drop shipping service can be the perfect solution for you to avoid this issue. You get to cut costs without cutting sales.

Can anyone start drop shipping with Bling King?

All that's needed to sign up and create a dropshipping account with us is to
send us a clear example of the platform you're selling on. Also we need to know what the platform is. Once we can review this and give you the green light you can start dropshipping with us in no time.

Can I use any Bling King content to promote the drop shipping products?

You absolutely can. All that's required to do that is to ensure you are actively drop shipping at least 5 of our items per month.

Which countries do you dropship to?

Currently, we only offer a drop-ship within the UK. This is due to the fact we need to work with reliable tracking systems at this stage. We may be able to use dropship further afield once we've sorted an international service we can place a good amount of trust in.

What materials are your jewellery made from?

We offer you the finest quality metals in the production of our jewellery with a real gold finish.

Do you show any invoice or branding with the dropship products?

There is no trace of our branding in the package so you can build your brand without us leaving our mark.

Where can I drop ship Bling King products?

You can promote and sell items on sites which are best suited to you. Such as Facebook, eBay, Instagram, Amazon, Shopify etc.

How often do you reply to emails regarding dropship questions?

You can expect a reply from us to enquiries within 1-2 business days (excluding weekends and public holidays). You can reach us by emailing order@bling-king.co.uk

How often are new products added

Our product lines are updated in most months. We go out of our way to make sure we have the most high-quality range of items. We believe that it's always quality over quantity and it's better to stock a few very popular items than thousands of basic lines.

Do your jewellery items tarnish?

At Bling King we are well known for our premium quality of products, however, there is always the risk that products can get tarnished. Largely due to the fact people can find oxidisation with jewellery which isn't pure silver or gold.

This is, however, the nature of the beast with all high-quality jewellery worldwide. We have full confidence in our drop shippers and will offer you a full replacement or refund in cases you've received tarnished items.

What packaging do you ship your products in?

Items that aren't shipped with a gift box will receive a complimentary free black velvet pouch with each product.

How much is the shipping charge?

Dropship items come with free UK shipping.

What happens if I submit an incorrect address?

Please always make sure that all of your customer details are correct and your address is 100% accurate (the customer address is in the shipping address section of the checkout). Sometimes customers can overlook certain details in the address which can result in issues with the delivery. Such as leaving out the house and flat numbers, incomplete addresses or incorrect postcodes.

Always make sure the address is right otherwise the order will be returned to the bling-king return address. This will result in delays, confusion, further shipping charges and dissatisfaction so this must be taken care of.

If you need your returned item re-shipping, we will invoice you the shipping fee and will ship it through our usual method once the redelivery charge is received.

When do you dispatch my dropship order?

We dispatch 2-3 days after you place your order.

How fast is the delivery service?

We use 1st class Royal Mail's signed delivery, so typically 90% of orders arrive the following day after we dispatch, and the rest on the following day after that. If you inform your customers they will receive their item within 4-7 days that will cover any delays.

Do you provide a tracking number?

Yes, a tracking number is sent to you within your order on your account. The tracking numbers will only be processed to you after Royal Mail have scanned the package once it has been collected. This happens at our warehouse around 18:00 Monday to Friday.

What if a product is defective?

We are fully responsible for any faulty items as we recognise our drop shippers need to uphold the best service possible for successful businesses.

There is a procedure we will request you follow with a claim for a defective product to make the process as smooth as possible.

This is illustrated in the following example:

A customer has emailed to say the jewellery received is tarnished (this only happens in about 1-2% of orders). If this does happen please request the customer to send some clear, close up photos of the damage so you can see the nature of it.

Then you can send this problem and proof onto Bling King showing us this has happened with your customer. We can then decide on the next course of action be it to have the item sent back or to send a quick replacement to the customer. Most of these cases will be taken care of with a fast, no-fuss replacement.

There may be times we are suspicious of a claim, in this situation we will ask it can be returned so the item can be inspected. However, most claims will result in us sending out a quick replacement.

Can a customer request a return or exchange?

Exchanges are not available from us as it makes more sense to return an item for a full refund. Then the customer can repurchase the item they desire. It can be ideal to offer a customer a part refund to keep the product and would be quicker process. However, that is to the drop shipper's discretion.

How do I start a return?

For the refund to begin please contact us and we'll send you the return address and instructions.

How long for the refund to be processed for return items?

Once we've received back your order, a refund will be processed within 3 days of it. Some cases it can be received sooner.

Note that as soon as we process the refund you will be given a notification, it can take 3-5 days from this date to receive the refund back into your bank account. Our aim is always to return your payment as soon as possible.

What service should I use to return dropship orders?

Please make sure that you return items to us in a postal or jiffy bag, depending on how it was received by you. Your aim is to try and send it back by the "Royal Mail Large Letter Service 2nd class signed for". This is because the next size up package service is double the price.

Always try and make sure you send it back by the "2nd Class Royal Mail Large Letter Service" and keep the proof postage safe if you need to use it later. If the items are over £50 in value it is recommended you use the signed for service.

What happens when the item is out of stock?

We always try to make sure we have extra stock as a backup if this issue arises. Contact us for information on whether we have extra stock of a specific product. If we are running low, please explain the situation to your buyer. Email them to let them know you can't complete the order and give them the option of a refund.

Alternatively, we can offer to replace the product with another item which is 15% more than your purchase price. This gives you some room to work out a product for your customer which will help make up for the original not being in stock. This guarantees customer satisfaction as customers always appreciate higher priced replacements for the same price as what they originally paid.

How do I make sure my inventory is updated?

Drop shippers will get updates when a product is running low in stock, out of stock and when it has been topped up in stock.

You will be able to keep track of the inventory on the page to keep track of the stock levels for each specific product.