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Custom Jewellery

Custom Jewellery


Bling King jewellery does custom made Jewellery

We are proud to offer top of the line custom jewellery service

Our team in the United States has a combined 55 years of design and production experience, to put your vision into reality.

We will require a £200 deposit before the design process starts. Full balance will be required before we make the mould and start production

We can offer solid brass and sterling silver (with any plating colour). Any brass jewellery we plate 10 times to ensure long lasting life. If you want some Bling, we can use crystals or lab created diamonds, dependant on the desired look and budget!

Our minimum charge is £399, when you add lots of stones and complex designs the mould cost can become more expensive, we just like to make this clear to avoid disappointment.

From start of production we aim to have your jewellery delivered to you within 2 months.

Contact us to discuss further.