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Bling King are proud to release our unique adjusted gold ring collection. We have created these adjustable rings, as we understand how difficult ring sizing can be. Stocking 15 sizes in each ring is somewhat of a hindrance to a retailer, especially when new designs come out so frequently. We have made these gold adjustable rings to a very high standard. Not only are these gold rings thick plated with rich shiny gold, but also they mimic the exact look of genuine gold rings costing thousands.
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We design each ring to ensure comfort, you will not get any rough edges or uncomfortable feeling as they sit perfectly and smoothly against the skin, rest assured  our quality check is second to none,. The most important and exciting part of Bling King adjustable gold rings is they really can be adjusted to fit most ring sizes.

Whether you are slimming down or putting on a few pounds, these adjustable gold rings will really help you. You can rely on them and remould them easily, without effecting the great look. We have many great designs on offer including the very popular gold keeper ring and the saddle ring, sovereign rings, and much much more.