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Silver St George Sovereign Ring with Crystal Stones

Silver St George Sovereign Ring with Crystal Stones

High Quality Adjustable Gold Rings

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  • Heavy St George Ring
  • Silver Plated St George ring with Crystal Stones
  • Adjustable made to fits most mens ring sizes
  • Luxury finish and detailing
  • Top of ring size 22mm x 22mm

Fully adjustable ring – squeeze to tighten, pull apart to widen. ( you can pull or squeeze very hard this metal won’t snap easily, it is specially designed to pull open and close )

What are adjustable rings?
An adjustable ring is a ring that allows you to expand or shrink its size to your preference. 

Why is it so cool? 
You can adjust this ring to fit most finger sizes, very large or small fingers might not be suitable.

You don’t have to worry when you lose or gain weight, adjustable rings won’t be a problem.
You can gift it to someone without knowing their ring size.

Adjustable rings are much more versatile than classic rings giving you more value for your money!


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