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May 27, 2022 3 min read

A chain bracelet or a link bracelet is a piece of jewellery made by connecting links into a band. While the exact history of chain bracelets stem from ancient Egyptians. Chain jewellery pieces have enjoyed a prominent role long before then.

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The earliest recorded history of chain jewellery pieces was found as far back as 2500 BC, thanks to the Ancient Egyptians who took great pride in their personal appearance. They threaded links of gold and silver and adorned themselves with jewellery, including armlets and bracelets.

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Men donning bulky chains was a trend that started way before our modern era. Men had actually been known to cover themselves fashionably in gold, bulky chains since the early 16th century.

Gold Chains and Hip-Hop Rappers

One cannot dispute the fact that bulky gold chains have been a massive representation for rappers With the current trend to show your bling and not keep it hidden - Rappers have set the standard here - If you've got it Flaunt it.

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One of the first sightings of hip-hop artists in chain jewellery pieces involved Kurtis Blow, and rightfully so. He first appeared wearing several gold chain pieces and bracelets on his album cover titled Blow and is the artist behind the first certified gold record rap song.

Chains and bracelets are a big statement of who they are in the hip-hop culture. More than a symbol of wealth and status, chain jewellery is also an expression of their attitude, a symbol of their hard work and achievement.

Hip-hop started as a movement for social change. It was an avenue towards sparking a positive change for the oppressed, the music for the underprivileged. And so when a few climbed the ranks of the rich and made it out of their desperate situation, they got to flaunt it.

The culture of hip-hop is about struggle but to those who made it, gold bracelets and chains symbolise their escape from that struggle.

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Problem Completing

A bracelet is a paradox. It’s a representation of duality, but really represents success among hip-hop artists. For example, slavery and oppression.

In the novel Twelve Years a Slave, the man Solomon woke up in shackles after being drugged. He then found out that he was sold at a slave market. Here, the bracelet symbolised the seemingly unbreakable power of slavery—where freedom was almost unattainable.

On the other hand, we see bracelets often used to represent the intimacy of human connection. The strong links that made the chain in the bracelet unbreakable are the very reason chains are often used to symbolise eternal love.

Together with this, the circle is interminable. It has no beginning and no end. This infinity linked to other circles in the chain makes its meaning all the more profound.

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